wlan pcmcia ath5k stopped working properly since last update

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wlan pcmcia ath5k stopped working properly since last update

Postby gbm31 on Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:58 am


i have lmde running on my old thinkpad x21 for half a year now.
step by step i got everything to work, the thinkpad buttons, the hotkeys, speedstep, which is deactivated for coppermines by default, and suspend, for which the soundcard has to be unloaded/reloaded.

since this old boy didn't know about wlan when he was born ;) i use a pcmcia card, which worked very well with the ath5k driver.

well, till this weekend.

since the last update -
Code: Select all
linux-headers-2.6-686 (2.6.32+28) to 2.6.32+29
linux-image-2.6-686 (2.6.32+28) to 2.6.32+29
netbase (4.44) to 4.45

- the connection gets lost after some time. the reason why i have the kernel in mind is that the message leds of the card lit up for the first time ever under linux.

dmesg states:

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ath5k phy0: Atheros AR2417 chip found #just for info
__ratelimit: 14 callbacks suppressed
ath5k phy0: failed to wakeup the MAC Chip
ath5k phy0: can't reset hardware (-5)

any ideas how to fix this?
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