LMDE-Broadcom Wireless-Pipewalker-Interesting Problem

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LMDE-Broadcom Wireless-Pipewalker-Interesting Problem

Postby antiquexray on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:28 pm

I've loaded two of my netbooks with LMDE. The HP has a Broadcom wireless card. That card doesn't play well with LMDE; a problem that was solved with help from within this forums. The other has no problem with the wireless card. I put the game Pipewalker on both. When launching Pipewalker on the HP it either scrambles the screen or restarts X. There is no problem with the other netbook.

Now for the interesting part. So, for grins I reloaded LMDE and all it's 517 updates; Pipewalker worked just fine. However, as soon as I reconfigured the wireless card to get the wireless card working (it does), when I now launch Pipewalker it once again either scrambles the screen or restarts X :( :( :( Any ideas?

PS I already know KDEgames has KNetWalk, but I like Pipewalker.
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