HELP LMDE! Unable to printi to printer on wireless network

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HELP LMDE! Unable to printi to printer on wireless network

Postby antiquexray on Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:53 am

Well, I'm trying LMDE, once again, in part because I believe it will play a larger and larger role in LinuxMint in the future. However, I keep having problems that I don't have with Linux Mint 11. The latest is respect to printing to a printer on my in-home wireless network. With Mint 11 I did the localhost:631 thing and in a matter of minutes I was printing to my printer it found through my wireless connection. The printer is not wireless. It is hardwired to another computer that is hardwired to my wireless router. I've not been able do that with LMDE. I convinced it's because I don't know how to do properly do that, don't know which magic buttons to push, and haven't been unable to search that out as well.

I'm running an older laptop (my test-box), wirelessly connected to my wireless router. I've done a fresh install of the LMDE respin, Service Pack upgrade, along with all the updates. I can assess files on the compter that the printer is connected to, but have not been able to setup the printer to print from my wireless computer.

Can anyone help? I really want LMDE to work for me, but to this point I have not had a lot of luck and I keep going back to the tried and true Mint 11.
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