Trying my hand at networking

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Trying my hand at networking

Postby wyrdoak on Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:05 pm

I have one PC with Mint 10, another with XP and my NetBook with LMDE in the house and am tired of running around the house with a USB stick when I need transfer a file when needed.

Well anyway I set up and share folder for Mint 10, then went and set up a home network and share folder on the XP computer.

I found them right off :) When I clicked on Network on my computer and mounted both folders. Guess the god Tux is still being nice to me :lol:

Tried a folder transfer to each Computer one at a time. (no need to tempt fate :) )

The computer with Mint 10 is probably about 10ft. though the walls using an old G band wifi card transferred a 1.4gb folder at about 1.9mbps

The computer with XP about 35ft. though the walls, using a N band USB wifi dongle transferred the same 1.4gb folder at about 1.2mbps.

I think the WiFi card in the Netbook is N band also and the router I connect to is N band.

Was downloading a torrent, listening to Clementine, and browsing the internet with nothing slowing down on this end.

Does the transfer rates look right? Or am I missing something?
I've never had any luck with home networking when everything was WindowS so I don't know what it's supposed to look like.
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