Installing a webserver using Apache,Mysql and Zikula

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Installing a webserver using Apache,Mysql and Zikula

Postby johnnybee on Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:34 am

Hi everybody,

I am currently installing a webserver using Linux Mint V. 11 "katya" ,the Apache-Server V.2.2 ,mysql and phyMyAdmin and a content program called "Zikula" (a content management program for the final website).

The "webserver" is intended to run in a company network (about 400 hosts) as a internal news- and internal company web server (so,not a real internet/www-server)

All of the installation worked out really well .

With typing in "http://localhost" (as well as the real ip-adress) it is possible to "see" the web-site on the server.
Now - the big problem is : trying to call this website form another machine (http://ip-adress/...) does not work.

The webbrowser "searches" for this server for sometime and finally does not find the "website" .

The port no. 80 ist open (I did check this using nmap).
The Apache Server is running (ps -ef shows the process).

With the command ping this webserver also answers the other -testing- machine.

Can anybody help ? Thank You guys !
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