Video not avail., related to gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg? [SOLVED]

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Video not avail., related to gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg? [SOLVED]

Postby betacentauri on Fri May 04, 2012 1:14 pm

Hello, I was wondering why I can't make gnome-subtitles show my AVIs (or any video format) in the video box, then guessed some plugin was missing. Mplayer, gmplayer work OK. On a perhaps related note, I am not able to install this particular plugin:

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 Depends: libswscale0 but it is not going to be installed or
    libswscale-extra-0 (>=4:0.6-1~) but it is not installable
  Depends: libavcodec52 (<5:0) but 5:0.6.3-0.0 is to be installed or
    libavcodec-extra-52 (<5:0) but it is not installable

When running gnome-subtitles from the command line and loading a video, I am seeing:

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** Message: don't know how to handle video/x-xvid: ...

Are these problems related? Is the above situation harmful? What should I do to correct any or both? I admit I may have been tinkering with my sources at some time in the past, as I was worried about Gnome 3 being installed without my consent (I prefer to keep Gnome 2 or if anything, MATE, for the time being). Currently my sources.list is:

deb debian main upstream import
deb-src debian main upstream import
deb testing main contrib non-free
deb testing/updates main contrib non-free
deb testing main non-free

Thank you very much in advance

Solved by removing gstreamer0.10, then installing gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg, then ffmpeg. Now gnome-subtitles behaves.
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