MacBook Pro sound input not working with LMDE

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MacBook Pro sound input not working with LMDE

Postby XeroXer on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:20 pm


I have been running LMDE on my PC for a while now and love it. Sadly my PC laptop broke a few days ago and a friend borrowed me his MacBook Pro while my computer is being repaired.
When sending my PC away I switched the HD in that one back to the original one and took my SSD drive (with LMDE) and put it in the MacBook Pro.
It gave a few error messages the first time I booted up, and the boot took it's time, but it worked. Had a few problems with the backlighting but a script I found while searching google fixed that.

When I got home today I got into Mangler as I always do, and my microphone isn't working. I google a bit and try the solutions I found on the debian wiki but nothing worked.
Mangler is by default using PulseAudio and the fixes seemed to be for ALSA but even after switching it did not work.

So since switching to the MacBook Pro my sound input source has stopped working, and I was hoping someone could provide some help in solving this.

Any information you might need is just a question away, I don't know what might be relevant.
The MacBook Pro is the second latest version, don't know if they go by generation or what.

UPDATE: Tried a bunch of solutions I found but think the one that worked was fully purgin alsa and installing it again. Now the microphone works but the volume i REALLY low, and I have the highest setting in alsamixer and I have no Mic Boost option so don't know if it's possible to get the volume higher...
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