OSS4 and Wine 1.3.26 (in LMDE)

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OSS4 and Wine 1.3.26 (in LMDE)

Postby kevlugli on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:17 pm

Hello, I just want to know how to replace Pulseaudio (ALSA too?) with the lastest OSS version, and making it work with the lastest Wine version (1.3.26 ATM). I'd like to have it working with the linux kernel, but it's not really mandatory.
I had the problem that wine doesn't support Pulseaudio and the Alsa compatibility layer doesn't work well. So, i searched in the internet and I found that you can use it with OSS + pasdp (no success) and I ended installing some weird things to make it work(still no success). I ended uninstalling pulseaudio and switching to OSS4. Installing from the repositories doesn't work (no kernel modules found :?: ) and downloading the privative binaries from the official webpage makes it work but in winecfg now OSS doesn't appear, just ALSA(configured to work through OSS). I selected ALSA, and testing sound from winecfg works right, but whenever I start pes2011.exe (the game I want to play), it closes and sends an error:
Code: Select all
../../../dlls/dsound/mixer.c:330: DSOUND_BufPtrDiff: La declaración `ptr1 < buflen' no se cumple.
wine: Assertion failed at address 0xb784a424 (thread 0022), starting debugger...

Any help would be very appreciated.
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