my experience with the update pack 5 or kernel updates

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my experience with the update pack 5 or kernel updates

Postby pradhishkumaAR on Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:18 am

Good day people,,

i am postings this as an experience i had with update pack 5 and hope it helps someone out there who will face same issues like me. I was running LMDE with kernel and with the update pack 5 it was upgraded to kernel. First thing that happened was my system was broken with x server failing to start.

problems and solutions
1. X server fails to start -- some errors like no screens found screens doesnt match devices
solution> go to console mode get the latest ati or nvidia drivers from their website and do an install. End of the install it will auto configure your video drivers and system. This will ensure your x window will work after you reboot.

2. Wireless doesnt work after the kernel upgrade
solution> since you are offline there are two solutions either connect to your router directly and follow the debian wiki based on your distro. Else go to debian wiki and then find the driver you want from another computer or your phone. the two files you would need are ( wireless toolsxxxx.deb and bmcxxxx.deb bmc is the driver for your card. once you have these two files. copy to your computer and then use sudo dpkg -i both the files to install and configure the wireless drivers for your system and then run IWCONFIG to get configure your wireless device).

hope this helps someone,

cya people.
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