No sound device in hardware list after upgrading to UP5

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No sound device in hardware list after upgrading to UP5

Postby danakim on Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:11 am

Hi all,

I have upgraded my LMDE from UP4 to UP5 about 3 days ago and everything went smoothly apart from a couple of bits that were quickly fixed and one annoying one which I just can not figure out:

My sound device - an onboard intel one - doesn't show up in the Sound preferences in the System pref. menu. Sound DOES work and I can control the volume via alsamixer, but I can not use any GUI tool to control sound or the media keys on the keyboard. They hardware list is just empty. I am using ALSA and not Pulse audio (which has been uninstalled completely).

The box I am running this on outputs video via HDMI (also on board and I think it can output sound too) and the speakers are plugged in the analog jack. I wondered if this might create confusion, as it would expect to output the sound to HDMI. But it did work fine in UP4 (also with Gnome3) in the same setup.

Any ideas on how to make the Sound GUI tools / preferences "see" my sound device again? Should I reinstall Pulseaudio? I wouldn't like that as I like to keep things simple and I get sound with ALSA right now....

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