Chrome Page Unresponsive since UP8 upgrade

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Chrome Page Unresponsive since UP8 upgrade

Postby DarkNova on Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:01 pm

I upgraded to UP8 this weekend. Most things are working fine as far as I can tell, however, Chrome is acting very strangely since the upgrade. I have chrome installed from Google's repository:
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deb stable main

and so it is running version 32.0.1700.107. Ever since the upgrade I'm getting a ton of tabs that hang with the "Page Unresponsive" dialog box. Also, if I close chrome completely and then look at the processes, it has a few processes stuck that I need to kill manually.

Has anyone else been seeing this? I see that a similar bug was effecting windows users of an earlier Chrome 32 version, but that bug was fixed before 32.0.1700.107. This never happened with UP7, but I'm not sure if chrome was also upgraded at the same time and that broke things, or if it is some other type of conflict.
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