mintupdate-debian: 3 problems (or bugs?) and 1 excellence

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mintupdate-debian: 3 problems (or bugs?) and 1 excellence

Postby TomRoche on Sat Oct 01, 2011 12:28 pm

Because I haven't updated yet (more below--I'm gonna backup first!), I'm currently running

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me@it:~$ lsb_release -ds
Linux Mint Debian Edition
me@it:~$ uname -rv
2.6.39-2-amd64 #1 SMP Tue Jul 5 02:51:22 UTC 2011

I usually use `aptitude` for package management, and do so pretty regularly, but have been busy at a new job. So today I found

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me@it:~$ sudo aptitude update ; sudo aptitude full-upgrade
> 476 packages upgraded, 49 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

and decided it was time for mu-d :-) But on running

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me@it:~$ mintupdate &

I noticed 2 bad things and 1 good thing, plus 1 more bad thing while preparing this post:

  1. bad: mu-d has 2 modes of authentication, taking (possibly) different passwords. I am forced to change my passwords regularly, for which I typically use `passwd`. So I tried using my current password for the mu-d authentication dialog, but that didn't work, nor my previous password. Fortunately I keep a record of old passwords, so was able to find the one that worked, but I would greatly prefer `mintupdate` to use `sudo` or `gksudo`. Later, while investigating this problem, I noted that I *can* run `sudo mintupdate &`! So my assertion is, instead of the current graphical authentication dialog and backend that mu-d currently uses (when the user does not run it via `sudo`), mu-d should put up the (IMHO more standard) `gksudo` dialog. I dunno if this is a bug, or a feature request, though, nor where to file it: please advise.
  2. bad: No exit via C-q (or C-w). I'm keyboardy, so to exit Gnome programs I typically just do C-q (the Control-q keychord). That didn't work with mu-d, nor did the sequence [Alt-f,q], so eventually I went to the menu and hit File>Close. Again, please advise if/where to file bug/FR.
  3. good: the update pack information and the interface to it (button=Update Pack Info). When I started `mintupdate`, it gave me the error about my sources.list, which I promptly fixed (after exiting). The other information (about, e.g., gStreamer, nVidia, CUPS) looks useful too. (Though I'm hoping I won't hafta use it :-) Big thumb-up.
  4. bad: no `--version` (or even version info in Help>About). While preparing this post, I thought I should reference the version of mu-d to which I refer. However I noticed that `mintupdate --version` just started mu-d. Worse yet, once mu-d is up, Help>About gives no version information. Again, please advise if/where to file bug/FR.
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