[SOLVED]normal (for me) volume control behavior

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[SOLVED]normal (for me) volume control behavior

Postby wm_domino on Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:17 am

i was hoping someone could help me return the mixer plugin on xfce default to operate like the one in cinnamon, ubuntu or windoze.

i have had no additional issues with pulse working on my card (in recent past i had to hack away pulse audio and enable alsa to get audio to work).

i'd like access to advanced mixer controls, but from the panel mixer icon i really need a quick slider for volume and hopefully a mute check box.

thanks in advance.
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Re: normal (for me) volume control behavior

Postby titetanium on Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:52 pm

Perhaps you could try installing pavucontrol, I think that's the name of the pulseaudio mixer program. If it doesn't start with your install, locate the pavucontrol.desktop file in /usr/share/applications and copy it into /etc/xdg/autostart.
I don't have it as I removed pulseaudio completely in favor of alsa and installed gnome-alsamixer which gives me all the sliders as well the mute checkbox. If you insist on using pulseaudio, I can't really help u with that beyond what I just gave u. Alternatively, u could open a terminal and run sudo alsamixer and adjust the sliders across the board, then run sudo alsactl store before closing the terminal so that it sticks across reboots.
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