[DEAD]clean/mess up & problems vs errors vs anomaly

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[DEAD]clean/mess up & problems vs errors vs anomaly

Postby wm_domino on Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:16 pm

i'm at that point where i start messing up your wonderful os.

i have 2 oob questions that i'd love help with, but they aren't crucial to my advancement:

http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=199&t=105857 &

since i never had to turn over a lmdx machine over yet, altair4 has saved me a lot of time here:


but now i do, i'd very much like to know what can be done in regards to hiding it (if i can't/shouldn't remove it) or making it work as it should and removing (or hiding) the erroneous individual listings (which is what we [me and everyone i tech for] prefer.

some things cause me real problems, but since i'm a problem child i had to ad-lib this awesome and fully functional "how to":


i ultimately wound up creating a short-cut to the .gvfs folder in my /mnt folder and then creating short-cuts from in there and moving them to the locations i wanted them. the first thing that threw me was until i ran "Thunar $HOME/.gvfs" i could not find the damn thing anywhere, afterwards i found it in the /home/phil folder (and showing hidden folders/files). the second was i couldn't generate symlinks to the locations mounted, nor did the /root thunar ever show me the .gvfs folder outside the link i made anywhere.

i think i ultimately wound up creating desktop short-cuts from reg thunar and moving them. is there an easier way? is this me not understanding the permissions crap again (because i still have not made this user admin, it is still default lmdx settings)? i'd also like to know if it is possible to display just the contents of the mounted folder inside a folder and point multiple mounts to the same folder? in the included pic (i hope it's there) you can see multiple mounts for movies, can't i just mount them as is, but display the contents inside a single "Movie" folder in my home folder?




this last screenshot is the infinite loop i found myself in trying to open the link to the gigolo mounted location while in /root thunar: isn't this why we added the section to the defaults.list?

i'd very much like to know how to at least hide all these (i assume) hidden winshares?


and some other questions like, when i haven't set up any printers, why do they show on lists for this os? and when did my network connection get renamed from eth0 to 'wired conntection1' ?


i forgot where i was supposed to insert this screenshot:


thanks in advance!
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