Is it possible to assign a key to start/stop laptopmode?

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Is it possible to assign a key to start/stop laptopmode?

Postby luis.nando on Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:23 pm

There is quite a long time since i last participated on the forums, this is good. That means I have such a stable system with LMDE that there is no need to fix things. Ok, I've been using LMDE since the first day of it`s release without the need for reinstalling the system, and just at the beginning I also installed the laptopmode-tools (LMT) packages and set them to work when on battery. That was fine to my needs in the past, but now I`m getting a problem i'd like to solve. The broblem is, with the laptopmode enabled I get a very slow boot. Does anybody knows a script or something of the sort that disables LMT at the boot, or there is any way to toggle enable/disable LMT when I need more battery juice?
Just for information I`m using a ASUS UL30a almost 3 year old that runs for 7,5 hours on battery with LMT enabled.

Thanks in advance,

Luís Fernando
ASUS UL30a2 LMDE 64bit
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