Dolphin file manager in LMDE?

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Dolphin file manager in LMDE?

Postby Snapcase on Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:33 am

Is it possible/advisable to install Dolphin in Cinnamon? Using it instead of Files?

I installed KDE, but the available version in the repositories (4.8.4) fully hogs my CPU and freezes everything. You know, the Nepomuk, Strigi & Akonadi trio... It never happened to me in this same machine using different Kubuntu versions with later KDE releases. But the 4.8 works so bad here. I reinstalled the system and now I'm in Cinnamon again. Though I'm a KDE nut I can live with Cinnamon with a single and big exception... I badly miss Dolphin! Files is not my thing at all.

So, is it crazy to install Dolphin without KDE? Or any similar alternative available?

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Re: Dolphin file manager in LMDE?

Postby indyend on Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:27 pm

I'm use dolphin in Mint Xfce 64bit. It's work fine. U can install it from Software Manager ,but MUST install kde-baseapps , kde-baseapps-bin , kde-baseapps-data for make it's work perfect.
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Re: Dolphin file manager in LMDE?

Postby bikepilot1100 on Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:04 pm

I'm still new in Linux, but i have installed Xfce 64bit too. According to your suggestion i've installed the Dolphin manager and it is working only in a limited way. It is now my default manager but if i want to go direct to a downloaded file for example, Mint is throwing a error message, containing somethig with a child process. Somehow the default file manager is still managing.. :? Would you please give me an advice how i must set up the story so that Dolphin is really the one and only file manager with full functionallity?
Thank you in advance...

(I guess this belongs into another thread, so, if needed, please move it where it belongs..)
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