ICC profile not loading at startup

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ICC profile not loading at startup

Postby Sydney on Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:02 pm

Hi, I can get my ICC profile to work (under Argyll) with
dispwin /profile/location/profile.icc

I created a sh-document with
dispwin /profile/location/profile.icc

I named it loadicc.sh.
I made it executable in the preferences.

I created a new startup entry via the control center and as command I entered:

I made sure that it is ticked (so that it does start at startup).

When I boot the computer, my icc-profile does load for the fraction of a second, but then the screen goes back to the original setting.

Would anybody have any idea why this is, please ? (Noob-friendly reply much appreciated)
Thanks a million,
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