cannot play video files (split TV recordings)

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cannot play video files (split TV recordings)

Postby mcarni on Tue Jun 24, 2014 3:24 pm


i recently installed the latest Cinnamon release (LMDE 201403) on my mum's computer and I have a problem with the output of her TV recording.

The TV topbox automatically splits files (depending on size), the output files are 000.mpg, 001.mpg etc
While I can play the first file (000.mpg), neither vlc nor totem can play the following files 001.mpg, 002.mpg etc.
Vlc shows the playlist window but even if I right click on the file it doesn't play it
Totem complains that the "stream" is not recognised.

Since I initially believed it was an issue with VLC I posted also on their forum (hope this is not an issue...)
See link below for medianfo of files

if I cat the split files into one singe file, the resulting single file is playable (at least with vlc) and it has the proper length.

Is there anyone that help me with this issue?

thanks a lot

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