How do I prevent Mint from ever installing certain packages?

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How do I prevent Mint from ever installing certain packages?

Postby Mir on Tue Jun 24, 2014 6:52 pm

I never want to use gnome, mate, or systemd again. I understand that I can ignore certain packages in mint-update. Will this prevent them from ever being installed?

How do I prevent these things from ever being installed, and remove them and everything which uses them as a dependency from both mint-update and mint-install?

Once I download KDE, how do I switch everything over to use KDE? Are there configuration files somewhere that allow me to select the programs and daemons that do certain things? For example, how do I select the default file manager, and the file manager which will appear as my desktop? How do I select the applets that monitor my power usage and the system-daemon?

This is probably way over my head, but how do I make an image of my newly configured installation so that I can share it with other people?
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Re: How do I prevent Mint from ever installing certain packa

Postby killer de bug on Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:21 am

For you the best solution will be to use SolyDK.

But if you really want a LMDE KDE version, you should probably apt pin Gnome packages to a very old version so that it don't install new ones. Systemd will be used in Debian in the future, so I don't see the point of avoiding it... :wink:
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