REmastering LMDE

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REmastering LMDE

Postby sledgehammer89 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:44 am

PPl i have been trying to create a lmde livecd with many applications preinstalled( like smplayer,qemu etc) getting it to boot...
i created an empty directory and copied all contents of my / (except media and proc) to that directory. and then using mksquashfs i created filesystem.squashfs
then using unetbootin i created a live usb using original lmde iso and then replaced the original864MB filesystem.squashfs with that of my own(2GB in size)..
i was able to successfully boot into the new "lmde" however my user accnt wasn't there instead just that live account with automatic login many applications like Deluge, Vuze, Qemu worked though ... ALL I WANT TO DO I SOMEHOW COMPRESS MY / into filesystem.squashfs and boot into it much like i do through my HDD with my user accnt and all my customization. ..IT WUD BE LIKE CARRYING MY OS (aka PC) on a USB STICK!! HELP!!
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Re: REmastering LMDE

Postby cwsnyder on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:29 pm

Specifically, having your username and password on a Live DVD would require you to have a /home/{username} directory created with no files in the directory, so that you could boot to a Live environment which does not change and does not save any preferences. I have only ever seen two accounts on a Live disk: a regular user account, and/or root. Puppy Linux, which allows saving preferences on the same disk as the operating system, if the disk is RW, only works if it has one user which is a root equivalent with no password, similar to the way M$ Windows (doesn't) work.

If you want a 'persistent' image for a USB flash drive, you could probably set up user accounts, but not on a Live CD/DVD, unless you want to modify and recompile mksquashfs.
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Re: REmastering LMDE

Postby willie42 on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:31 pm

Why not get an 8 gig usb drive and install it on there.....?
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