MINT PPC (Apple G4, G3, etc)

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MINT PPC (Apple G4, G3, etc)

Postby thermodynamics4 on Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:22 pm

Hello Guys, Now that Debian is very near to linux Mint, and there is a poll to see how many votes are welcome for Debian based editions. It would be nice to have a Port for Squeeze PPC with Mint GUI.

Anyway I think this Cover the whole picture, Old Apple computers G4, G5, etc... With Debian Squeeze PPC, and with Mint Version on top of it....

I have Found this in another Site, but I have to change the HD of my G4, it's 99 screws to get to the HD, so it's gonna take me a long time...

What do you think Ikey?
I've seen you have too much work going on, but is already a work already done by some guys in here:
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