Slow File Movement[Updated/Fixed]

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Slow File Movement[Updated/Fixed]

Postby inktitan on Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:28 pm

I am experiencing extremely slow file transfers on my system. Not just to external drive but from my desktop to the trash and from the download folder to other folders on same drive and partition. I thought maybe the new kernel 2.6.38 was to blame but I am having the same issue with Salix 13.1.2 which uses 2.6.33. I have found on other posts that the ext 3/4 formats slow it down because of the journaling but I have not had any problems until yesterday the day after I updated but the update does not explain why Salix transfers files slowly. "slow file transfer in Linux" appears to be to vague a statement for Google. I do get some almost helpful results but reformatting my PC to ext 2 is not what I am looking for. Most are just referring to transfers to usb or other drives. Any thoughts, advice or experiences are welcome.

Update: It seems to be back to normal speeds. I do not know why this accrued in two different OSes but it has abated at least for now. Perhaps I should look inti getting a new processor. Also to note I did have to set the time in my BIOS back to the correct time. I noticed it was wrong in Salix which reads the same time as the BIOS vs Mint that sets it according to the network. So some fishiness is going on inside the box. <sigh>
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