Partition merging

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Partition merging

Postby evilgoldy on Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:49 am

My partitions layout is as shown:


LMDE is installed on sda7 and sda9 (root + home). My question is: is it safe to try to merge sda10 and sda11 with sda7 in order to increase the size of the root partition? I know I'll have to do it from the live session, but I'd like to hear if anyone has done anything similar? Also, what would be the name of the new partition (since the sda7 is the last in the line, can two predececing partitions be merged into sda7, thus retatining the name/number)?
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Re: Partition merging

Postby maxmir on Mon Apr 18, 2011 5:02 am

If you deallocate 10 and 11 then there should be no problem about growing 7 into the unused space, so it'll still be /dev/sda7. Of course, doing a backup first is always advisable.
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