Encryption/[UPDATE] Passwords/[UPDATE] Keyrings

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Encryption/[UPDATE] Passwords/[UPDATE] Keyrings

Postby lmde_freak on Wed May 25, 2011 12:25 am

hi, i'm new to linux and to lmde. loving it, so far. i'm having some issues, computer not mental.

1. i would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to encrypt the home folder if this is available yet in lmde. i downloaded ecryptfs and the appropriate tools, created another user and attempted to 'migrate' my home folder using the newly created user without luck. also, i tried to encrypt the swap space, bad idea. ended up reloading lmde. i know there is some convoluted lvm encryption guides for lmde out there, but i don't really want to re-install again or install debian then point the repos toward lmde.

2. [UPDATE: see below] on another, but related topic; the right-click 'encrypt...' feature from the seahorse/seahorse-plugins in nautilus is broke. i have my pgp key set-up in 'system->preferences->passwords and encryption keys'. my current work-around is encrypting files via the command line with 'gpg'. any help would be appreciated.

3. [UPDATE] lmde isn't allowing me to create a new keyring in 'passwords and encryption keys', what's up with that? moreover, lmde isn't remembering the wifi router password; any ideas?
[UPDATE] BUG: gnome-keyring BREAKS seahorse-plugins
- this is NOT a lmde bug, but rather a seahorse one as far as i can tell; it's also been described here...
- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sour ... bug/779805
- installing the seahorse-plugins will REMOVE the gnome-keyring, and vice versa. so, if you want lmde to remember your passwords for say, the router, you better hold off on the plugins for now.

i know i'm verbose; your help is appreciated.
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