2.6.38 kernel regression with webcams? Help?

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2.6.38 kernel regression with webcams? Help?

Postby psych1610 on Thu May 26, 2011 9:39 pm

I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of/read of a kernel regression involving some webcams with the 2.6.38-2 kernel. I went to load up google video/voice chat last night and it was not detecting my device. It just kept on telling me to re-download the plugin which, of course, I already had.

After fiddling around and searching I never came up with a solution so I got the bright idea to test the liquorix kernel which was at 2.6.38-7 in case it was a regression that was fixed. Today, I was reading around recently and discovered that someone was having an issue with digital cameras and USB with this kernel and thought that might be the same issue so I re-installed 2.6.32 which was the previous kernel before this and, voila! My webcam works!

I'd love to continue using this kernel but it seems 2.6.32 is the only one around that works with my webcam which is a must. I may test other kernels to see where the regression (if that's what this is) was introduced but I was hoping it might be possible to figure out a workaround for this one right now.

Any helps is appreciated. Not too sure what output I can post that would make this job easier. It's a custom built PC currently having the 2.6.38 testing and liquorix kernels installed, straight testing (with the exception of that last kernel and the 2.6.32 one installed to get the webcam to work).

I thought I read somewhere that the 2.6.39 kernel was in liquorix but I don't see it in future.
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