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Gimme some cool ideas!

Postby mzry on Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:21 am

Hi all,

I just setup a home NAS based on LMDE (using a laptop with its lcd screen removed) - I'm quite new to linux so I'm kinda proud of this ;)
- The aim was to solve all the issues I was experiencing with crappy low cost network hard drives (corruption of files, dropped connections etc)

- I set up Samba to share my external drive
- I set up Transmission to download any torrents I place in the 'downloads' folder, then on completion move to the external drive
(I do this so that disc access on the external drive is less)
- I enabled Transmission web client so I can control it from my main PC
- I set up hd-idle to put my drives to sleep (they were spinning constantly before! surely this should be a standard feature of any OS?)
- set up the ufw firewall, just keeping the ports open for transmission/samba.
It turns on with one button and auto-logs in. It turns off with one button, no questions asked!

It's bloody amazing. I'm really happy with it.

But... What else can I do! Is there anything else cool / useful / interesting I could set up? Anything I haven't thought of?

Any input much appreciated, and thanks to the mint team!
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Re: Gimme some cool ideas!

Postby Previous1 on Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:09 am

Not to worry, when it breaks you can have fun fixing it. :mrgreen: :wink:
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