The future of Firefox, Flash, and others in LMDE repo

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The future of Firefox, Flash, and others in LMDE repo

Postby t3g on Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:19 pm

Adobe released an update to the Flash plugin today, but I had to use the standard flashplugin-installer program that gets from Adobe's site. After I got that, it really made me think about the future of the Flash plugin and others like Firefox, Thunderbird, and Opera in the Linux Mint Debian Repositories. Is Firefox ever going to be updated to 4 or should we use Iceweasel or manually install from Mozilla? Same goes for Thunderbird being a few versions behind and Opera being a whole version behind at least.

The reason I ask is that mint-flashplugin and Firefox are installed by default on new installs of LMDE and it would be nice for them to keep up to date. If that is too much to ask, can future .deb files be converted to simply grab the latest version from the Adobe or Mozilla servers and install with Mint specific settings?
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Re: The future of Firefox, Flash, and others in LMDE repo

Postby Silent Warrior on Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:54 am

I second what you say about Firefox, but I think there's already a package for Flash doing precisely what you ask. I'm sure Firefox 4 will hit the repository soon-ish (as in 'before FF5 is out'), but I don't really know what The Crew are waiting for. I also don't really know how busy they may or may not be on a normal day.
Hm, and now Easter is coming up. Firefox 4 for May 10, maybe? *HOPEHOPEHOPE* :lol:
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