Update Manager stopped working

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Update Manager stopped working

Postby indaymadel on Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:59 pm

My Update Manager on LMDE stopped working. It can fetch for update details (list of upgradable packages) but won't download.
It just stays on "queued".

The only way for me to update is via terminal which ignores the update/upgrade levels.

Update Manager working now, downloading but seems like there's a problem. All downloading packages started with "queued" and after a couple of minutes, download is done, then go to the next package starting again with "queued". It seems like progress bar is not working. And download speed and estimated time not displaying also.

Larger packages takes too long to display "queued" and then finishes after a couple of minutes, without the progress bar working. Just "Done" after displaying "queued" for a long time.

Also, as I've noticed before, downloading packages do multi downloads of packages. Not just one by one.
This time, it's one by one. Same as updating thru terminal.
Is there something I can change to do multi-downloads of packages?
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