Top Panel covers right-click menu

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Top Panel covers right-click menu

Postby Peter8990 on Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:07 am

Hey there.

I am using Linux Mint 12 with Gnome 3 and the follwing problem occured to me ( I will use eclipse as an example, but its the same problem with many other applications):

When I right-click to create a new class or a new Project the menu poping up is to long, so the top panel will cover some parts of it. Unfortunalty, the top panel is allways on top, so that there is no chance for me to use the options covered by the top panel. Another example would be the "document viewer" for pdf, when using the combobox to change the view. When I change the view from "best fit" to e.g. "400%" and try switching back again afterwards the option "best fit" will be covered under the top panel.

I already know, that there is the possibility to autohide the top panel, but I am looking for an alternative solution. The best solution would be an option to get the top panel to the background everytime something is trying to cover it.


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