How to hide volumes from Computer:/// (Caja)

How to hide volumes from Computer:/// (Caja)

Postby powerhouse on Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:49 pm


Just installed LM 14 Mate over my LM 13 Mate installation. Aside from /boot, I'm using LVM exclusively for all disks. Now I got the problem that when I open the "Computer:///" place (using caja) I see all my physical volumes that cannot be mounted, in addition to the logical volumes, like here:

Under LM13 the physical volumes didn't show up (all those 1TB, 2TB etc. drives listed).

Any idea on how to fix this and get rid of the unmountable volumes? Could that be the result of installing a package too many, such as the udisks package?

P.S.: I'm using emblems to better identify the volumes. All volumes marked with a RED exclamation mark are physical volumes that cannot be mounted.
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