2 Monitors, 1 with fixed Workspace

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2 Monitors, 1 with fixed Workspace

Postby mdhp on Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:32 pm

I use 2 Monitors and 3 Workspaces.
The primary Monitor should switch between the 3 Workspaces.

But i want my 2nd Monitor to be fixed on Workspace number 3. Not switch when i change my primary Monitor to another Workspace.
Every Monitor should show its own Taskbar (Drag & Drop between them not needed).
Is that possible and how ?

Graphiccard is nvidia GTX 460

Here are short examples to demonstrate what i mean
(w=Workspace, m=Monitor)

Default (Monitor 1 show Workspace 1, Montior 2 show Workspace 3):
Code: Select all
[m1]    [m2]

Switch Monitor 1 to Workspace 2
Code: Select all

Monitor 2 should still see Workspace 3 (no change).

Optionally both Monitors show the same when i switch to Workspace 3.
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