Advice on setting up Compiz in Mint 13 Mate

Advice on setting up Compiz in Mint 13 Mate

Postby mark1mint on Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:42 am

Hi there,I'm in the process of setting up Mint Maya Mate edition with Compiz effects:my aim is to make them work as similarly as possible to Ubuntu Lucid,which I also happen to have on another partition of the same computer.

Lucid has however an older Compiz version installed,namely 0.8.4,and as far as I can tell it has been working reasonably well,in that I've been able to set up all the effects I wanted with relative ease (I understand that Compiz is an advanced tool and must be used with care):not so with Maya and its newer Compiz version,some effects work just fine whilst some others refuse to cooperate,especially Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube,which wreak havoc on my desktop.

If I enable those,the screen flickers pretty badly everytime I spin the desktop,and windows opened in the various desktops get lost or are stuck minimized to tray,which has never happened with Lucid,all settings been equal as far as I can tell (Horizontal size 4/Vertical size 1/Number of desktops 1).
Also,the entire Compiz settings manager occasionally just crashes when I tweak some settings,sometimes taking away the whole X server with it.

Whilst searching the web for "Compiz screen flickering" I've come across this post that tracks down the flickering issue to a bug in the Compiz package installed in Ubuntu 12.04 (therefore I assume it should be the very same package that Synaptic installs in Maya) and suggests to fix this by installing a PPA for an update Compiz version,as outlined here

What do you think? Is it worth trying this fix ? I'm not to keen on mucking about with PPAs especially for such a complicated package as Compiz,on the other hand I had to disable the effects that actually don't play nice on my Mint Maya installation,and who knows if other bugs will surface as I keep using it.
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