How to take screen shot, Mate, Mint13, Lightdm

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How to take screen shot, Mate, Mint13, Lightdm

Postby AverageGuy on Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:19 am

I am running lightdm-gtk greeter. I found the default greeter (unity-greeter) didn't give the flexibility I wanted. I wanted to generate a document for people wanting to use this computer when I wasn't there and so wanted a screen shot of the login screen. This is the way I did it. I'm sure it's not the only way and maybe not the best way, but it worked.

Generate a script, and make it executable:
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cat << 'EOF' > /tmp/
/usr/bin/mate-screenshot -d 5 &
chmod +x /tmp/

Now edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, mine looks like:
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The only change I made was to add the "greeter-setup" line.

Now execute:
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nohup /etc/init.d/lightdm restart &

Warning, once you do that you will be immediately logged out, so make sure you save anything you were working on. After about 5 seconds you'll see the familiar save screen shot display. Note that I was unable to change the file name from Screenshot.png for some reason, but I was able to save it in a different directory from the default.

After you log back in, don't forget to remove the "greeter-setup" line from the conf file.

Note that this only works for lightdm, it won't work for mdm. I didn't test it on others but it should also work for any valid greeter.

This document can be found at once the DNS servers propogate. Give it at least 48 hours.
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