Sound switches off to 0 automatically .Xmodmap is overridden

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Sound switches off to 0 automatically .Xmodmap is overridden

Postby Ohnemichel on Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:35 am

I am using linux mint 13 mate 64 Bit, I got an on-board intel hda sound and a Radeon 5400 Cedar HDMI graphics card (sound not working). When I open multiple mate sessions, sound is randomly switched off on each of them (firstly, the new sessions choose the Radeon, but I have to switch them back to hda of course.)
I also have an .Xmodmap in my home folder which is overridden some milliseconds after the start. It can be activated manually, and it gets activated when I switch back to my session from another one.

What processes could be the reason? I will have to testwise eliminate them, but I need to know where I have to search.
Okay, the audio volumes are switched off synchronously. I guess it is because these sessions realize that they are stashed and switch off ,,their'' audio. What process is responsible for that? And how to tell him notto?
It doesn't even help to switch the stashed sessions to radeon.
To be more precise, not the volume is switched to 0 but the silent-box is checked, so the popup-slider of the volume control shows 0.
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