Matemenu Brokenness?

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Matemenu Brokenness?

Postby JSeymour on Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:09 pm

Mint 13 LTS
Mate 1.4 (from backports ppa)

Had a custom menu entry like this:

mate-terminal --title Host --execute ssh -2 -Y

Worked fine. Modified it to look like this:

mate-terminal --title Host --execute ssh -C -c blowfish -2 -Y -L

No longer worked. Terminal would flash up briefly and disappear.

Along the way I discovered that changes to Mate menu entries appear to often go unnoticed by Matemenu unless you delete and re-create the entry or log off and back on. Very annoying.

Finally solved it by putting the line in a one-line shell script and putting the name of that script into Matemenu.

The line in question, btw, worked fine with Gnome 2 and gnome-terminal under Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and (?) 9.10.

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