Make Alt key to focus application's main menu

Make Alt key to focus application's main menu

Postby dimonomid on Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:08 pm

Hi all.

I'm trying to migrate from Windows, and one of things I like in Windows is that in almost every app I can press Alt, and app's main menu becomes focused. Unfortunately this doesn't work in Mint 13 MATE.

I know that I can press Alt+<letter> (say, Alt+F to open "File" menu in most apps), but, firstly, not all of apps has english menu (I'm russian, and some apps has russian UI), and Alt+<non_english_letter> doesn't work. And secondly, I have some global shortcuts Alt+<letter>, and these shortcuts of course overrides application menu selection.

Simple Alt focusing first menuitem is just great.

How can I achieve the same behavior here?
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