How to fix mate panel when it crashes & becomes unresponsive

How to fix mate panel when it crashes & becomes unresponsive

Postby Lope on Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:51 pm

After changing the mate-panel settings only about 5-10 times, twice it has crashed and become unresponsive. Upon further reboots it remains unresponsive and thus the whole desktop environment is unusable.

How it happened the first time:
I had 3 panels (each on 3 monitors) connected to my laptop
I unplugged the external monitors but was too lazy to delete the panels and need to re-add and configure them later. So I clicked Autohide on the first unneeded panel. Then I did the same for the 2nd panel.

How it happened the 2nd time
I simply added a new panel, right clicked the panel, properties, unticked the Expand option, (without closing the window or clicking ok) I moved the panel to the next monitor, then I ticked Expand again.

How I messed up my system the first time.
I scratched around for ages looking for the mate-panel config files. After giving up I tried to uninstall and reinstall mate. I just ended up making a mess of my system and mate never recovered to it's full glory.

The solution
One simple command. Infact I've turned it into an (untested so far) shell script so that I won't be down for more than 30 seconds next time it happens.

Manual fix
login with normal (tty7 display :0)

export DISPLAY=:0; mate-panel --reset

sudo kill `sudo lsof -n -t -c Xorg`
ps uww -C Xorg
kill 1234


XPID=`sudo lsof -n -t -c Xorg`
[[ ! -z $XPID ]] && {
echo "XPID is $XPID"
export DISPLAY=:0; mate-panel --reset
sudo kill "$XPID"
echo "All done. Press Ctrl Alt F7 and login again"
} || {
echo "You need to login on tty7 first (ctrl alt F7)"
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