Help CInnamon 1.6 + Notebook ASUS FN Brightness key

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Help CInnamon 1.6 + Notebook ASUS FN Brightness key

Postby hasson on Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:20 pm

Hi! Anyone can help me with 2 issues please?

1st My notebook boot up with a low brightness, even if a set up a higher one now, o next boot it will restore to 9% of brightness. There is a way to keep my brightness set?

2nd: My notebook is a Asus A55A, the FN key for brightness is not working. FN keys for sound/video selection are working.
- I found some topics talking how to fix but only for nvidia cards... My one is Intel HD4000 from core i5 processor.

Thanks in advance =)
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