Window Manager shortcuts Override/Blacklist

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Window Manager shortcuts Override/Blacklist

Postby Otacon87 on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:52 am

Hi there,
I want to submit this proposal in order to improve both Gnome and Cinnamon. I've searched all around but I've found nothing useful.

Sometimes you have software with a lot of shortcuts (in the specific I'm referring to Blender). By using those programs you often have to use shortcuts like ALT+LMB etc... The problem is that those shortcuts can be assigned to the Window Manager so if I use ALT+LMB i get the DRAG WINDOW from the Window Manager instead of ROTATE CAMERA.


OBVIOUS: Sure, I know, I can always change my shortcuts in Blender or in my Window Manager, but making these changes will slow a lot my work because I use these shortcuts mechanically and I get frustrated when I "miss" the shortcut.

Application Window priority first: the best feature would be to let the Window Manager know that the shortcut I'm using is actually binded and used by the focussed window so Window Manager will not "reply" to that shortcut for the focussed Window. Yes, I know, this can not be accomplished, but I'm trying to make a problem analysis so we can discuss about it.

Blacklist: I know, users got frustrated by those kind of "tricks" like editing files or getting in-depth settings, but I think that would be nice to have a list of windows exceptions in order to disable all the WM shortcuts. This list could be managed under Cinnamon Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard shortcuts. The easiest way for users to add a new window is to click on a button (labelled i.e. Add exception) and then click on the Window they want to add to the blacklist.

Disable WM shorctus: an even simplier thing is to use a single shortcut/switch to disable all the WM shortcuts...I know this is the DIRTIEST solution but this could be a starting point.

Thanks for your attention and sorry for my bad english. :'(
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