Is this right? Cinnamon missing options...

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Is this right? Cinnamon missing options...

Postby SilentThunderStorm on Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:15 pm

OK.. short sweet background: I come from a Gnome2 background, and got used to a Gnome2/Ubuntu remix named Pinguy.

Given the death of Gnome2, and the apparently undeath of Gnome3, and my complete lack of patience with the ugly orange bar in Unuty... I came here.

Tried a few flavors, so far (Mate, XCFE, and now Cinnamon).... and thinking Cinnamon is primarily where I want to be; it provides a simplified interface while retaining a lot of the beauty that Mate and XCFE seem to miss out on (specifically, text seems grainy on both of those).

However, I seem to be missing a lot of things in Cinnamon that I would have thought would be simply expected (no, *NOT* Compiz); several of these appear to have existed in Mint 14, but due to the newness of 15, I am not sure if these features have now vanished, are still incoming, or are somehow buried where I can't find them.

Google searches have generally drawn blanks (probably, again, due to the shiny newness of the release).

First thing I am wondering about is Mint Menu... the actual Mint Menu, not this pseudo-mint-menu that we currently have.

It appears this existed on Mint 14, and it seems to exist on Mint 15 Mate. It doesn't work on Xcfe (one of the main reasons I passed on Xcfe), so it might simply be incompatible with this environment, but this seems unlikely since it existed just one version before and I haven't seen many people freaking out about it.

Currently, I am assuming that there was some small incompatibility between the previous Mint Menu and the current Cinnamon desktop. Is there some way to install it despite this? Is there a workaround, or some library that needs to be installed that I am missing? Or is it simply going to appear after a few updates?

Secondly, I have yet to find *ANY* panel application that would feed me twitter notifications, through any client... Gwibber is what I am used to (I really don't care for the KDE look), but at this point, any panel app will do. All that I am looking for is seeing a system notification popup with the text of the tweet, that I can click to launch the app to reply if I choose. Am I missing one somewhere? What form of notifications does the Cinnamon panel use? Is it possible to find a third part app that will do this?

Have a few other concerns, but these are my main two.

Anyone have any suggestions to resolve these?


Just found a thread on questions about Mint Menu... my apologies for placing this thread in the wrong place.
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