Need help, Missing desktop Cinnamon

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Need help, Missing desktop Cinnamon

Postby kozyaba on Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:30 pm

Hi, i just installed Mint 15, and from the getgo had problems with cinnamon, at first it was booting up in the fallback mode due to what it seemed like a failing generic graphics driver, after installing the proprietory nvidia driver that problem seemed to go away, but now when i log in i just have a black screen, can't right-click for properties on desktop, cant open file manager, along with a number of different apps, upgrading to cinnamon 2.0 didnt seem to help, i only see the bottom bar and some apps like system monitor and firefox work

installed MATE, that works fine, tried uninstalling all cinnamon packages and reinstalling them back still get black screen with just a bottom bar
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