Can't get Rhythmbox to work on conky

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Can't get Rhythmbox to work on conky

Postby WMM on Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:51 pm

So I am running linux mint. I have been trying to get conky to show the album art work and song info of what's playing on rhythmbox. I have searched and searched but every one I find I can't get working.
I have tried: ... album-art/
Mainly, I found others but didn't seem like what I was looking for.
Currently my script is:
Code: Select all
sleep 20 && conky -c /home/drystin/.conkyrc

# Configuration Conky
double_buffer yes
update_interval 1
background yes

own_window yes
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_type override
own_window_type root
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

use_xft yes
override_utf8_locale no
xftfont Telegraphem:size=9
xftalpha 0.8
draw_shades yes
draw_outline no
draw_borders no
uppercase no
use_spacer no

border_margin 0
border_width 0

default_color orange
default_outline_color white

alignment bottom_right
gap_x 5
gap_y 120

${font Telegraphem:bold:size=20}${color #E68600}Basic Info${color} $font
${color #E68600}Messages: $color You have ${color3}${texeci 60 perl ~/Conky/scripts/ n} ${color}new gmail(s).
${color #E68600}CPU:$color        ${color white}${execi 5 cpuspeed}MHz       $cpu%
${color #E68600}CPU 2:$color     ${color white}${execi 5 cpuspeed}MHz       ${cpu cpu2}% 
${color #E68600}Uptime:$color ${color white} $uptime

${font Telegraphem:bold:size=20}${color #E68600}Calender${color} $font

${font Telegraphem:bold:size=13}${time %B %e}$font

${color F88017}${font LCDMono:bold:size=12}${execpi 60 DJS=`date +%_d`; cal | sed '1d' | sed '/./!d' | sed 's/$/                     /' | fold -w 21 | sed -n '/^.\{21\}/p' | sed 's/^/${alignc} /' | sed /" $DJS "/s/" $DJS "/" "'${color2}'"$DJS"'${color F88017}'" "/}

${font Telegraphem:bold:size=20}${color #E68600}Proccessing${color} $font

${color #FF8000}Usage (Avg):${color #D7DF01} Ghz ${color lightgrey}${cpu cpu0}% ${alignr}${color #D8D8D8}${cpubar cpu0 5,80}
${color #FF8000}Usage (Core 1):${color #D7DF01} Ghz ${color yellow}${cpu cpu1}% ${alignr}${color #D8D8D8}${cpubar cpu1 5,80}
${color #FF8000}Usage (Core 2):${color #D7DF01} Ghz ${color yellow}${cpu cpu2}% ${alignr}${color #D8D8D8}${cpubar cpu2 5,80}

${color #FDD017}Average
${cpugraph cpu0 #42AE4A eeeeee}
${color #FDD017}Core 1 $alignr Core 2
${color #FDD017}${cpugraph cpu1 25,120 FFFFFF eeeeee} ${color #D7DF01} $alignr${color #FDD017}${cpugraph cpu2 25,120 FFFFFF eeeeee}
${color #FDD017}Processes:${color white} $processes ${color #D7DF01}Run:${color white} $running_processes ${color #D7DF01}

${color #E68600}CPU:$color        ${color white}${execi 5 cpuspeed}MHz       $cpu%
${color #E68600}CPU 2:$color     ${color white}${execi 5 cpuspeed}MHz       ${cpu cpu2}% 
${color #E68600}Uptime:$color ${color white} $uptime%

Everything is working fine, but I can't get rhythmbox to work.
In the above link it said something like chmod the file to x+. I know what chmod is most forums require you to chmod files to 666 or 777 before you install them such as mybb. But I don't know how to do this on linux or to x+.
Help is appreciated.
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