LMDE window behavior as in Mint Main Edition?

LMDE window behavior as in Mint Main Edition?

Postby ignasigarcia on Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:04 pm

Hi there. I've been a Linux Mint user for some time now. Recently I moved to LMDE (Cinnamon), and I'm so happy I'm not comming back :D . However, there was one thing I really loved about Mint candy, and that was the sticky frameless sub-windows (sorry, I don't know the proper technical name in English). For example, A "Save as" window in LibreOffice, that cannot lose focus or be minimized, yet it is minimized along with the main app window when desired. I hope I made myself somehow clear... :?

My question would be: is there any way I can configure that same behavior on LMDE?


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