Cinnamon 2.0.6 (github)

Cinnamon 2.0.6 (github)

Postby SkipG on Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:17 pm

For those building Cinnamon from the github linuxmint repository, I have just successfully built Cinnamon 2.0.6 and installed it in both LMDE UP7 and Wheezy in simulators and have found that two bugs have been fixed: I can now launch the display applet in the cinnamon control panel and change resolutions, and I'm able to change screen backgrounds and have them resized properly. Big change from a week ago. I haven't had success with the current Jessie, as the new version of the xserver breaks the Parallels Desktop 9 simulator.

I also have (current) Jessie running natively on an Ivy Bridge system with an Nvidia 650 TI graphics adapter (Nvidia 3.04 driver) and that is also behaving nicely.

Under Wheezy and Jessie, all three desktops (Gnome 2, 3, and Cinnamon 2.0.6) peacefully coexist.

I would like to thank Clem and the rest of the team on the improvements made this week.

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Re: Cinnamon 2.0.6 (github)

Postby cmost on Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:42 pm

All these folks seem to be successfully building Cinnamon 2.0 themselves but I'm really surprised nobody has offered to share their DEBS. :(
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