No mate-terminal via ssh between LMDE machines

No mate-terminal via ssh between LMDE machines

Postby mcenno on Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:55 am


I have two LMDE boxes, both run Mate as desktop, and I have accounts on both machines with the same username, UID, and GID. It turns out that I can't ssh from A to B and then start mate-terminal on B, with the window displayed on A, i.e.:

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ssh -X user@B mate-terminal

won't work. When I ssh from A to B and type mate-terminal at the command line, also nothing happens, I simply get the prompt back. No error, no message, nothing. Frustratingly, it works for other users: root can do it, and a test user also could do it. So I removed myself from the system (including my homedir) and re-created the user with the same name, UID, and GID, but it wouldn't work! Also, I can't start gedit ("Could not connect to session bus"), but, e.g., root can. However, I can start emacs and other applications. Even more frustratingly, using a laptop running an older Ubuntu version, I can ssh into B and start mate-terminal.

Any hints where I could start looking? I'm absolutely clueless.

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