Problem Installing Openbox as window manager for XFCE

Problem Installing Openbox as window manager for XFCE

Postby datiswous on Tue May 08, 2012 12:55 pm

There is a guide to do this here:

The problem is that it doesn seem to work propperly. Doing the command :

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killall xfwm4 ; openbox & exit

makes xfwm4 restart before openbox can start, so that gives an error that there is already a wm active. If I do this command around 5 times, xfwm4 gets killed and Openbox starts. Saving the session and restarting the pc restores xfwm4 as the wm. I could only change the startup setting under session of xfwm4 to never, but then no wm gets loaded, so I have to start Openbox after restart. It seams there's no way to load openbox as window manager for xfce by default.

Hope this makes some sence.
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