Adding launcher to panel in LMDE

Adding launcher to panel in LMDE

Postby breusshe on Mon May 23, 2011 2:16 pm

I like to have the Internet menu and a few others right on my panel to make things easier to get to. Usually, I just right click the panel, choose "Add to Panel" and then choose "Application Launcher". I then select "Internet" and -- boom -- the Internet application folder is on my panel. Not with LMDE. I select it and click the "Add" button and nothing happens. However, I can select specific items (such as Firefox) and that will add to the panel. I've tried resizing the panel thinking it might be an issue with being too big for the panel, but that didn't fix anything. I also tried rebooting the computer, again, no luck.

Anyone know why the application folders won't add to the panel but individual applications will?
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