Psychological mental Wall, Icon Association one stop poster

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Psychological mental Wall, Icon Association one stop poster

Postby Mangar on Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:52 pm

Here is a challenge for some of the most knowledgeable people. There is a bad mind set for windows users to over come the Linux culture. If there are any Military people or people that travel to other countries may understand what I am getting at.

You don't Learn Chinese by flying to Hong Kong. Most people do not know NOR understand the lingo of Linux terminology. Shell, or use IRC, Mint-Z-Mate, carbon Etc...
If people can not understand the lingo they will never bother visiting Linux Country.

How hard would it be for a Technical Guru to put together a Flow Chart? You know the square I what to install Linux 1st arrow do you have a 32 bit system, 2nd arrow you have a 64 bit system.
those arrow can go on up to
1. Do you like to listen to music on your machine y/n then show a list of option click and install
2. will you be doing media video clip editing y/n then show a list of option click and install
3. Will you be image editing y/n then show a list of option click and install

I put my kid as a test in front of a PC gave her the install thumb drive I asked her to find me something like Jasc Paint Pro, or you know Web Expressions
She does know what those are and has used them, problem she completely looked right past the equivalent software for mint. However she found the browsers real quick.

If Not a Flow chart maybe even and/or one of you guys making a table that has ICON badges that are used with windows on one left column, and the right column ICONs that show what linux can do

Real real stine age example:
-------Linux OS icon ------
Web browsing
(Chromium) + (term. install)
(Fire Fox icon)

(Notepad ++) + (Wine Icon)

Actually the more I think about it, Just the Linux breakdown and colorful Icon would make people look it over.

Believe it or not window users can identify those ICON badges better then reading a text.

Sorry to say the Linux community is very very technically savvy via words that completely go over the heads of windows users.

I asked her friends if they every heard of Linux, one answer yeah they are those green screens computers from the movies (aka war games) my dad told me about :p
next I ask those kids if they think they could play games they all said NO!.... Music? they said NO! ....

Linux has a bad rap, most kids are not going to read a text wordy article, but make a desk top wallpaper or html image that people can see all the ICONs Linux mint can do.
People know more about phone app icons then they do about M$ windows, use the tools of marketing to get Linux understanding out!!!!

The psychological advantage is people will associate "graphical ICONs" like phone apps. That thought plants a seed "Oh I know that one and this one, Whats that one?
By this point you will have something like 30-40 graphical Icons with 10-15 they will associate with.

NOW they might even look into "How do I download this.. this...Linux Mint thingy?"

TEST: Ask a kid off the street what can linux do?
1. shrugg their shoulders
2. Put a poster card/image in there has with all the ICON badges that Linux can operate
TEST: Ask same kid again!
1. Oh it does Fire fox, Gimp "I saw that on the web, it does music "Cool"
tell them to keep it.

Do you get where I am going with the association block young kids have and even adults?

(I asked about 20 more adults at a power station thinking these are some tech savvy I&C people, Linux? they herd about Linux years ago, Really, they are still around? What they make OS's?)
*plants hand on forhead* Come on Linux Community people outside are really isolated, we need simple education tools to wake them up!!!

ALSO: Icon traverse language barriers better than a 14 page tech manual what Linux can do. You can display an Icon like phone apps under a big Linux MInt ICON and a Russian English or Spanish person would understand it completely.
Or if they did that shirt thing one big Icon and all the tiny Icons that Mint can do.
Life after Windows! the future looks MINT!
completely new to Linux here is a quick overall for 1st timers Lingo curve
Alternative applications to what Windows users do things
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