Cinnamon crash handler

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Cinnamon crash handler

Postby satya164 on Tue May 29, 2012 7:21 am

As we are all aware of, Cinnamon sometimes crashes when we are working and this is certainly problematic. For example I'm making a theme, I change one or two elements and restart Cinnamon for testing. If Cinnamon crashes, when all my windows are open, the css files are open etc, it is very frustrating to restart the computer and again open those windows and get them as they were.

So we cannot keep Cinnamon from crashing. But we do have other options like automatically restarting Cinnamon.

I don't know if my idea can help or not, but I certainly feel it may help.

If you heard about the elementary project, you might have heard of Cerebre - the pantheon watchdog. It basically runs in background and if any of the required components crash, it restarts them. The components can be customized via gsettings.

So if we may fork it and integrate it into Cinnamon, I think it would be great. Forking and maintaining it should not be hard as it is a very small program.

Also we may consider following. when Cinnamon crashes, there might be many reasons. Among them could be faulty extensions or themes. If an application crashes over a specified number, by default cerebre doesn't restart them. So for Cinnamon, if it crashes over a specified number, it can restart Cinnamon with all extensions disabled and/or with the default theme.

That's what I think. Hope Clem will take my suggestion into consideration.
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Re: Cinnamon crash handler

Postby minotavrs on Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:10 am

After so many years i am very dissapointed about mint 13... a basic reason is cinnamon crashing... another reason is mate back spin..
Μint 12 Gnome-mate 64x DVD it is much better than the current versions...

If anybody knows how i recover our desktop after cinnamon crashing please help us...
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