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Software Manager suggestions

Postby auswami on Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:06 am

Hi, currently running Mint 15 cinnamon.

When searching for programs, it would be nice if there could be more concise categories of software.
My justification for this would be:
-Smaller categories, thus less scrolling to do and more attention goes to the small-scale or relatively unused programs down the bottom of the category.
-Quicker to find a certain 'type' of software, for instance GIS or CAD software.
-Reduces list loading times.

Another option, which could be implemented alongside or instead of the above, would be to have 'nested' categories, particularly of larger categories such as 'programming'. This would work in a similar way to a folder heirachy. For example, inside 'programming', there might be an 'IDE' category, and then a 'C++' category inside that.

Of course, there are difficulties:
-The categories are already defined, and with >60000 packages it's no small task to manually change them.
-Might lead to even greater differences in the packaging compatibility with other debian-based distros.

The search function is also fairly neanderthal, with for instance gnome-color-chooser not showing up when one searches for 'gnome color chooser', or 'gnome-colour-chooser', or any variation like that. A little bit of lenience and/or elasticity could be built in there.

These two suggestions might help to make software manager more usable; I already prefer it to synaptic because of its rating feature, but currently, it's hard to find programs that other end-users haven't already found and rated.

Thanks :)
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Re: Software Manager suggestions

Postby Lessss on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:47 am

I would like to see options to choose earlier version numbers of software, and options to downgrade a currently installed version.
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